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From the hyper-real to real

If there had been no power cut, there would be no starry night! Was it a coincidence? Or, destiny? He had no idea. Just happened like that only. He was busy searching the net – Facebook was down – when light blinked and lo, it was gone! He got mad. Then, madder. Life without FB? […]

Footnote to the centre

George Floyd is history.He is now in history. I never knew himWas not related to him — like majority of the risen-uppeople in the American cities, and elsewhere, on twitter orsocial media. George Floyd was a lie!A lie of the American Dreamthat enabler for the battered migrants and other arrivals and nativesdismissed as trash George […]

Corona and Companionship

 Devastated. Contained. Tiny home—a fortress.An inmate confined within the walls!The man, bored, watches the road from his Mumbai apartment in the morning;reads poetry online; watches movies on the TV, then dozes off, to the tunes of aguitar being played by his teenage daughter, post-lunch; sits in the narrow balcony full of old papers,notebooks and discarded […]