You feel caught up in this power politics
of conscienceless ruling elites—mere puppet, helpless, hapless,
without any power to do anything significant
solid to alter the given
histories, a mere shadow, on the margins,
a cipher…then erupts the
suppressed rage, and
words become a molten lava
that burns down everything
its long and tortuous path;

silence gets punctured
solitude, overwhelmed by noise;
noise then
becomes rumbling sound—
the voice of the awakened
mass, long hypnotized
by poll rhetoric, new threats and fears,
spun narratives, now comes out of deep
slumber, alert and mindful of the dark.

tumble down, very swiftly
by the raging, roaring voice,

entire solid system
topples down
—disentangled finally from the doctored
versions of realities, a web of lies, half-truths
and false promises.

You, at that precise moment, become
Part of the sweeping change!

Published in on 30th May 2021

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