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Truth Cannot Die

The Doctor was livid with rage, “You, self-styled lieutenant of this damned outlawed liberation organization, you rascal, you cannot hold me here in this stinking hell of a hole any longer. Who do you think you are? Greater than the President of the United States?” The object of his venom, a very tall and muscular […]

Pandemic pains stored inside

All the pains Accumulated in the Voids, like the Chits in a glass, Aches Bottled up  Inside The tender heart; The memories that Still haunt— That familiar smile Comforting voice Warmth — now, all lost to a cruel virus That struck and killed mercilessly, everywhere, Like a tyrant. Wish some pains Could fly away Like […]

The Eyes

The glittering yellow eyesThe long snout freckled withWhiteness of the snow aroundHe survives the cold to stareAt  the viewer and comes alive for you! Published in https://allpoetry.com/


The Mumbai rain back-lit by the sodium-vapor lamps sweeping the cityscape shimmering, gold-hued, majestic, yet looking lonely and lost as that vulnerable hooker trying to appear bold, audacious her bruises and scars carefully painted-up in that gloss arched eyebrows raised a cigarette dangling from obscenely reddish lips, in permanent pout or, is it suppressed anger? […]

Meditating Autumn

The mix of light and gloom, fragility and cessation hypnotic: new vantage point emerges, the seasonal decay and assimilation in the earth, it all leads to another form and rebirth

Afternoon Raaga Happy notes of the birds a quick succession of the high-n-low pitch and sound, a sweet pattern air-borne; the vocals disperse softly and carried forward on the wings of the wind across the streets and vacant lots, the natural symphony— heard inside the 10th-floor cage, this humid Mumbai afternoon; the bored inmate first […]